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South Africa
Real, premium, guilt-free frozen yogurt treats!
Yogurtland is born out of a commitment to revolutionise frozen treats by offering a tastier, more refreshing, and healthier alternative to traditional ice cream. Our journey began with a vision to craft a delightful frozen yogurt that not only surpasses in taste but also aligns with a healthier lifestyle. After extensive research and development, our team of dedicated food scientists concocted a unique blend that is swiftly becoming a renowned sensation in the South African market.

To satisfy your weekly cravings for frozen yogurt, giving you a healthier dessert option, a fully customisable, and addictively enjoyable treat!


To be Africa's favourite dessert destination that offers a fulfilling experience that always brings you back for more - whether it's through delivery or collection.


A premium frozen yogurt company, that appeals to kids, young adults and older folks alike!

Froyo on the go!

We have mastered the art of delivery, order your Yogurtland Frozen Yogurt wherever you are. Simply use any of our delivery partner apps below to place your order and never miss a day without getting your swirl on.
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Dear Valued Customers,

At Yogurtland, we believe in the power of peace and the importance of upholding human rights globally. We stand firm in our commitment to fostering a world where every individual's rights are respected and protected.

We want to make it clear that Yogurtland does not support any form of action that violates human rights anywhere in the world. Our dedication to promoting peace extends beyond our delicious yogurt offerings to encompass a shared vision of a harmonious and just world.

Thank you for being a part of Yogurtland, where every swirl is a reminder of our collective commitment to a more peaceful and inclusive planet.

Yogurtland South Africa